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Please Welcome our two new GLAST

Program Coordinators Nicole and Iris 

Love Must Win's mission is help spread love and acceptance to all people by providing a safe haven for all. We are proud to be a part of a great organization and encourage all to visit for more information.

Our Mission

GLAST believes every addicted LGBTQ+ person has an opportunity to get clean and sober. By working in collaboration with community leaders, we can lend a helping hand to LGBTQ+ people who struggle with addiction. 

GLAST "You're Not Alone" Video


Our Vision

GLAST will be the recognized leader in the provision of high quality, innovative harm reduction and supportive strategies for individuals living with the devastating effects of an addiction. GLAST will assist in the reduction of substance use in the LGBTQ+ community as well as increase programs for individuals seeking affirming treatment and programs.

How Do Sober Queers Party?

Is Sexuality and Substance Abuse Correlated Within the LGBT Community? 

How Does Addiction Affect The LGBTQ Community?

Talking about Crystal Meth, Gay Men & Sex


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