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Sober Living Assistance

We understand the importance of sober living in early recovery.  Sober Living has been a major part of the recovery process for many LGBTQ+ individuals living with an addiction. We are here to help.  GLAST will help individuals with one week of sober living: 

Here are the requirements for sober living assistance:

*Individual must identify as LGBTQ+

*Individual must choose sober living in Kenton, Campbell, Boone, Grant, Pendelton Counties in Kentucky (or)

*Individual must choose sober living in Hamilton, Clinton, Warren, and Clermont Counties in Southwest Ohio (or)

*Individual must choose sober living in Lawrenceburg, Indiana

*Scholarship is not available for those who are currently employed

*GLAST only covers up to two weeks of sober living (this does not include intake fees, drug screens, etc)

*GLAST will only cover up to $100 for one week.

*GLAST only assists one time per calendar year - if you need additional assistance we have other resources.

*GLAST, unfortunately, does not assist with transportation to and from sober living.

*Payment will be made via check, via postage once accepted.

*Must be willing to attend peer support in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati.

*Must complete assistance application & phone interview


Sober Living Assistance Application

Please allow 48 hours for each application to be processed by a GLAST volunteer.

Full Name*

What's your gender?

Select an option

How do you identify?

Phone Number

Address or Previous Address

Email Address

Date of Birth


Name of Sober Living you are interested in?

Other Sober Living:

Sober Living Manager Name & Number:

What treatment center are you coming from?

Are you coming from jail or prison?

Select an option

Are you a person living with HIV?

Select an option

Are you currently experiencing street homeless? If so, where?

Substance(s) of use:

What program of recovery do you participate in?

Do you have a sponsor/mentor?

Are you aware that you will be required to attend atleast one peer support group for assistance?

Select an option

Have you utilized GLAST programs and services before?

Is there anything we should know to assist you?

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