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Our Core Values

Community Awareness about Addiction – As a community resource on evidence based information, GLAST’s primary purpose is to educate the public about addiction, the effects of substance use disorder on the brain, and the social, health and economic consequences of alcohol and other drug use and misuse. As the general public learns the facts, it is our hope that stigma will be reduced, more people will seek treatment, and our society will benefit from an overall reduction in substance use and misuse.

Helping People and Families Affected by Addiction – GLAST staff are equal and nonjudgmental. We do not have a non-drinking or prohibition philosophy. We believe that staff and recovery peer support can bring people evidence based information, help them evaluate their own situations and motivate individuals and families who need programs to connect with resources that will provide ongoing help.

Prevention is Key – We believe that reducing LGBTQ/Ally individuals involvement with alcohol and drugs must begin early in life.  Programs based on best practices develop skills needed to make healthy choices and provides opportunities for positive community involvement.

Advocacy – We believe it is important to advocate for recovery for addiction and also for legislative and social policy issues that support the mission and vision of the organization.

Program Excellence – We believe that all programs we offer must be of the highest quality. Our adolescent programs are either best practices or based on best practices principles. All programs are evaluated with results guiding ongoing program adaptation and innovation.

Involved and Empowered Staff – We believe that programs work when staff are skilled and passionate about their work. That requires training and self-involvement; involving them in decisions; giving them opportunities to create, grow and succeed; and facilitating work teams supportive of each other both personally and professionally.

Respect for People – We treat our staff, our prospects, the LGBTQ community of Cincinnati, and partners we serve, the general public, our donors, suppliers, and the many groups with whom we collaborate with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity.

Financial Integrity – GLAST views sound financial stewardship as critical to the organization and to those who support us. Funding decisions are both transparent and inclusive.

Collaboration – GLAST believes that the problems associated with the use and misuse of alcohol, and drugs cannot be addressed in isolation. Schools, parents, religious groups, healthcare and law enforcement professionals, businesses, and other community organizations and agencies all have a role to play. Collaboration is key to addressing this problem.

Creativity – We believe that there are always new ways to solve problems and new ways to involve our constituents in programs and activities that address alcohol and drug use. We encourage staff to keep their pulse on community needs and bring their ideas to their peers and supervisors for program development or adaptation.

Commitment – We believe that GLAST must be an Agency that demonstrates the highest degree of accountability to our staff, our clients, our funders and the community at large. We demonstrate this through detailed record keeping at all levels, the transparency of our programming, our Board involvement, and our sound financial stewardship.

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