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Recovery & Wellness Scholarship

The Recovery & Wellness Scholarship is designed to assist individuals that are part of the GLAST network maintain their ability to stay on track with their education and improve their lives.

GLAST Scholarship Application Rules

  • Completing the application does not guarantee that you will receive a scholarship.
  • All applications are reviewed by an independent review board that is not associated with GLAST or its board of directors.
  • Funding is always paid directly to the institution where the student will be attending.
  • If the student does not maintain the minimum required attendance for their level of funding, the educational facility will be instructed to return the appropriate funds to Proud Scholars.
  • The scholarship funds are awarded on a rolling basis. If there are no viable candidates who apply during the November to March period, applications will be accepted beyond the close date.
  • Any remaining scholarship money will roll over into the next years available funds.
  • Applicants cannot be associated with the GLAST Board of Directors, Proud Scholars Board of Directors, or the Proud Scholars Scholarship Review Board.
  • Recipients must remain active in local GLAST programming in order to retain eligibility for this Scholarship
  • Sustained recovery is recommended, but not required for your scholarship, however, continued participation with GLAST programming for ongoing support is required, lack of participation in GLAST programming may result in cancelation of your scholarship.
  • This scholarship may be renewed by reapplying every November. Having received the award once does not automatically grant you the award again.

If you have any questions, contact Tamara Arment at

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