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We're Committed



GLAST stands for Gays & Lesbians Achieving Sobriety Together. GLAST is the only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer + substance use prevention & resource program in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. We are not affiliated with any 12 step group, religious organization or medical group. However, we do work with these groups to help others recover from addiction. We are a tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Cincinnati has a proud, vibrant LGBTQ+ community; however, our LGBTQ+ community has challenges with addiction. Addicted LGBTQ+ people need a place of refuge and guidance in support and resources.

Greater Cincinnati has approximately 33 rehabilitation programs, according to Only one of them stated they had services for LGBTQ+ people, which awareness to local rehabilitation programs will benefit those in need of help. Many LGBTQ+ people have reservations about their search for providers and/or programs because of the fear of obtaining treatment due to concerns about inclusion and acceptance. GLAST hopes to link the resources and LGBTQ+ individual’s to minimize the perpetual cycle of addiction. The goal is to match each prospect with a volunteer within 24 hours. Most importantly, we hope to guide people down a road to recovery based on our volunteers own personal obstacles and addictions.

With this solution, GLAST’s hope is to decrease the degree of substance use among LGBTQ+ people in the Greater Cincinnati region. Here at GLAST, we're proud to support the LGBTQ+ community of Cincinnati. That means we are among an elite group of collaborators who have studied and researched substance use in Cincinnati's LGBTQ+ community. We are not doctors or therapist, just people who have a big heart for the community. In terms of service design and development, we currently know LGBTQ+ people in active addiction. We already have an extensive knowledge of what's happening right now in Cincinnati. We've helped a lot of people transform their lives within a few days of being founded just by telling LGBTQ+ people in Cincinnati, help is at their doorstep.

We love working with local leaders and organizations like Lighthouse Youth Services, Caracole, CAT House, Prospect House, Recovery Works, New Foundations, Bright Outlook Recovery and the Northern Kentucky Health Department. These organizations embrace the need for services among the LGBTQ+ people in Cincinnati who struggle with addiction. With that attitude, a partnership with local services can transform Cincinnati's addicted LGBTQ+ people from hopelessness to a flourishing community of recovery.

If you are ready to change lives by offering services to LGBTQ+ people with addiction, we're ready to take you there.  This website outlines in more detail how we'll do it, and what you can expect along the way. But your biggest expectation should be one of success. Let's make it happen. Let's get GLAST in every major community around the world. 


GLAST believes every addicted LGBTQ+  person has an opportunity to get clean and sober. By working in collaboration with community leaders, we can lend a helping hand to LGBTQ+ people who struggle with addiction. 


GLAST is all inclusive. Period

Opportunities For All

Everyone Get's Help

 GLAST ensures access to resources for all people needing assistance, regardless of sexual orientation. Together we have the power to generate resources for all people struggling with an addiction. 

3 Areas of Focus


Peer Support Groups

Resource Guides

Community Outreach


Drug & Alcohol-Free Events

Peer to Peer Mentors

Re-Discovering Talents

Joint Effort

Collaboration with Community Leaders

Staff & Volunteer Development

Building Bridges

5 Pillars of Service


This pillar demonstrates how GLAST's commitment to recognize the suffering of others, taking action to help.


This pillar demonstrates GLAST's commitment to create a value driven culture that attracts, retains and promotes the best and brightest people, who are committed to GLAST's mission and vision.


This pillar demonstrates how GLAST improves another person's life by the action or understanding. We've been in their shoes.

Solution Driven

This pillar demonstrates GLAST's commitment to achieve solution based programs and services to provide individual and organization success.


This pillar demonstrates how GLAST improves another person's life by being honest and having strong moral principles.  Doing the right thing always, when no one else is looking.

People Over Profit

We are a group of people who exhibit compassion and create a judgment free-zone to LGBTQ+ people struggling with addiction. Our helping hand gives us an opportunity to give addicted LGBTQ+ people an opportunity to reach their full potential. GLAST is not directed by medical professionals, therapists or counselors. We're simply a group of people who identify as LGBTQ+ in recovery, or a supportive friend or family member. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a physical building. However, GLAST has trained volunteers to offer assistance to LGBTQ+ people via telephone, in person, social media and e-mail. We are a destination for the LGBTQ+ community to grow and thrive.

We have created an anonymous, judgement-free zone for all.

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